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Shandong Lanling County Yatai Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in the old revolutionary district of Yimeng, Shandong --- Lanling County. Since its establishment in 2013, it has been specialized in producing acupuncture needles and acupuncture needles for South Korea. The company has a professional acupuncture needle production line, a professional testing laboratory, and a perfect quality system. Under the guidance of the concept of "striving for excellence, quality first", the company has established a complete set of management concepts and a perfect quality management system. The products are exported to the United States, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. Inherit and promote the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, carefully select imported stainless steel needles, combined with modern intelligent systems and detection systems, to ensure the high standard and high quality production of each needle.

       The prototype of acupuncture needle is needle stone. Acupuncture treatment in Yin Shang Oracle Bone Inscription is like a person holding a sharp instrument to treat patients with abdominal diseases. Acupuncture treatment from Yin Shang to the Western Zhou Dynasty, or Bianstone, was used. Sui Dynasty medical doctor Quan Yuanqi believed: "Bianstone is a method of external treatment in ancient times. Since ancient times, there was no cast iron, so the stone was used as the needle, and the needle of life.

Acupuncture Affect

  • Dredge meridians

    Make clear the role of the meridian is the meridian deposition resistance of smooth play its normal physiological role is the role of the most basic and direct treatment of acupuncture. "Fall within the organs, external network in the limb" meridian, running blood is one of its main physiological function. Meridian barrier, blood running blocked, clinical manifestations of pain, numbness, swelling, ecchymosis and other symptoms.

  • Reconcile yin and yang

    Reconcile the yin and yang of acupuncture effect allows the body is converted from the state of imbalance of yin to the equilibrium state, the final purpose to be achieved acupuncture. The mechanism of disease is complex, but generally can be summarized as yin and yang balance. Reconcile the yin and yang effect of acupuncture meridians by genderless, and meridian acupuncture manipulation complete compatibility.

  • Rectify evil

    The function of acupuncture and moxibustion is to help the body's right qi and expel disease. The process of the occurrence and development of disease and its return is essentially the process of the struggle between right and evil. The treatment of acupuncture and moxibustion lies in that it can play its role in correcting evil and eliminating evil.